Relais La Casina, literally immersed in the green of moraine hills, is born from an idea of Stefanoni family to create a place, which could offer hospitality in direct contact with nature and with its rhythms.


In this regard, the old cascina has been renovated, surrounded by vineyards of properties and gentle slopes that make the property an ideal place for an extremely relaxing holiday. Your stay will be gladdened by the chance to discover the history, the culture and ancient food and wine traditions of this land, very suited to viticulture, an activity of the Stefanoni family for 3 generations. Inside the structure, only local food and wine products are used and in the wellness center you can benefit from the antioxidant and hydrating effects of the cosmetic line created with our wine.


Particular attention was paid to the renovation of the 12 rooms, each of which is dedicated to one of our wines and furnished with natural materials: wood, stone and terracotta are the undisputed protagonists. The electricity is produced by a photovoltaic system and the thermal energy used for heating, is produced with the use of a boiler fed exclusively with the chips obtained from the pruning of our vineyards, greatly reducing the CO2 emission in the air.

“A vineyard that rises on the back of a hill until it enters the sky is a familiar sight, yet the curtains of simple and deep rows appear as a magic door. Under the vines the red earth is broken up, the leaves hide treasures, and beyond the leaves stays the sky ".

(Cesare Pavese)


The territory

A coffer between history, culture and wellness.

The taste of good wine, direct fruit of our moraine hills.

Cavriana, a quiet and pleasant place, but in the same time a social and cultural resort.

The whole territory, due to its value and naturalistic interest, is subjected to environmental restrictions and is covered by numerous cycling routes.


In our Spa all turns around your wellness.

From the benefits of the Finnish sauna to the Turkish bath. From the beneficial effects of the salt wall, to be finally pampered by the warm and salty water of the indoor pool.


The production of wines from the Moraine Hills is the result of advanced technologies that are useful to improve the quality of the wine itself and leave to our productive "ethics" the respect of ways and times that are of fundamental importance for us.

Precisely for this reason we love to follow the production cycle carefully, taking care of each phase according to the needs of each wine: from the pellicular contacts to the batonnage, from the stops on the yeasts to the protection of the aromas and to the right support of the oak barrels during the final stage of aging. Our tasting rooms are dedicated to the deepening of the production processes and to the tasting of our wines from the Moraine Hills.

A pleasant welcome that allows our customers to choose the wines we offer for the purchase, even directly within the walls of our cellar.

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